Denise Lee

Denise Lee

POP! by Bubblegum's Creations is a small local bath and body company in Miami, FL. POP! was created by Denise Lee - a wife and a multipassionate entrepreneur, who formed the company in 2020, with the aim to better her health, skin, and overall living.  

Denise has suffered from psoriasis since a very young age. However, it wasn't until her early 20's when she was officially diagnosed. That day after her appointment, she went home and began to research, research and RESEARCH!

All of her research led to what we have always been taught since an early age - A Healthy Balanced Diet. She began to switch out all of her foods to "Organic" "Non-GMO" "Gluten Free" you name it, she bought it. But guess what? That did not completely eliminate her psoriasis. Why you may ask? Well here's the answer.

Not only is it important what we put IN our bodies but also what we put ON our bodies. Did you know that the largest organ of our body is the skin? Everything that we put on our skin can get absorbed into our bodies and even our bloodstream.

Studies have showed that some of the toxic chemicals detected in our bodies are common ingredients in mainstream personal care products. "Some" statistics say that your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on it! With time, patience and her love for making things, Denise's journey to healthier skin evolved and led her to also start creating her own bath and body products that are not harmful to her or the environment. She use many raw, natural, and unrefined ingredients in her products to create a more natural lifestyle .

Disclaimer: POP! products in no way cures or treats ailments. Please seek a doctor for treatment options.